Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MUSINGS: There is No Life I Know...To Compare With Pure Imagination

"This is my place; I belong here."
The words of the wise Willy Wonka have been running in my head lately.  There really is no place like the world of pure imagination and over here I have been in a dreamy state of mind.  There is something wonderful about mixed media that allows me to create a world which doesn't exist except in my mind.  A celestial sphere... a hidden utopia.  A safe haven where you can write down all your sacred thoughts- a place where you can be just who you are. 

In an attempt to capture this dream world of mine, I have made several mini journals using heavy layers, Kimberly Crick stamps, acrylic paints, and pigmented powders.  (Side note, pigmented powders are essential to my dreamworld!  They're shimmery, celestial, and oh so wonderful.)  Here is a sample of the dreamy world I have been inhabiting... take a look because there really is no place like the world of pure imagination!

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