Wednesday, March 7, 2012


When journaling, I always use pictures because an image can convey feelings, emotions, and ideas that might be hard to capture in words.   One of the most powerful images you can include in your journal are self portraits.  There is something very intimiate about using your own pictures. It really strips away any artiface because with self portraits there is no place to hide...everything is laid out for the camera to see.  And what better place to expose yourself then in your own journal? Your journal should be a sanctuary
For this particular entry, I knew I wanted to cut the picture up but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to convey but I thought it would be a neat technique.  That is why I love art journaling, it is such a freeing experience.  In my journal, I don't have to worry about what the end result will be.  I can get an idea and just run with it.  Half the fun is not knowing exactly where I will end up.  So, once I cut and glued the picture down the old nursery rhyme, "humpty dumpty" kept running through my mind.  It matched perfectly. 

Like a puzzle almost put together, the entry has a jigsaw, fragmented feeling to it.
Overall, this is not my best work by far but I do appreciate it.  To be honest, I think cutting the picture had a Goonies Sloth effect, lol, but I do like the combination of text and the pic.  And as with everything, it's about the journey not the destination

Happy Journaling!


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