Friday, August 17, 2012

Project ONE LIFE: Share It.

The idea behind Project ONE Life: Share It is simple.  I create blank books each with a varying theme such as "a dream you want to achieve" and I leave them in various public places throughout Chicago. Then, the book lies in wait for someone to find it, and respond annonymously to the prompt.  After doing so that person leaves the book in another spot for someone else to find it and the cycle repeats until the book is filled.  The process is: find it, read it, share in it, and pass it on.  I also ask people who find the book (regardless if they write in it or not) to take a quick pic of it in it's location and post it to facebook or email it to me so that we can follow it's journey.  Once a book is complete, the finder contacts me so it can be returned home and I can share the contents with the world.  Click here for the Guidelines.

The Inspiration behind Project ONE Life: Share It. is based upon the belief that there is power in putting your feelings/thoughts down on paper and a belief that it is our feelings that bind us together as human beings. In sharing our ideas, loves, joy, and sorrows we become connected on a larger scale - you are not alone.

Project ONE Life strives to connect strangers together on a small, local scale. As books travel through the city and people share a piece of themselves for others to see, we are reminded that the strangers you pass on the street, the person who makes your coffee, the person waiting behind you in line, are just like us. The feelings and thoughts we experience on a daily basis are universal. So this project attempts to expose those similiarities. To pull back the  cleverly crafted barriers that often serve to isolate us from one another (cell phones, emails, false pleasantries,   social media, etc). The goal is to strip away artifice, to be open, to share, to feel connected. To be ONE.

Lastly, this project requires a leap of faith. Faith that people WILL share, will want to connect and most importantly that these mini books WILL find their way back home. 

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