Friday, August 17, 2012

Project ONE Life: Share It - The GUIDELINES

Here's how Project ONE Life works! 

  • It's annonymous - be open, share!

  • Take a pic of the book in it's location and post on facebook so we can follow it's journey. Don't want to post with your name? Email me and I will post it without your info.

  • Be RESPECTFUL & SINCERE: If you find a book but it's not for you please respect the value/worth of others words and feelings and leave it as you found it so that someone else may have the opportunity to participate. If you do participate, please make a sincere entry. Do no disrespect the nature/intention of this book by making a mockery of it.

  • PASS IT ON: Write in it, then leave it in a indoor (it's paper and needs to be protected from the elements) public place, preferrably a place you think people will be receptive to this project.

  • DON'T KEEP IT! Yes, it would be a cool thing for your collection but that goes against the very reason for the book!

  • LAST PERSON to write in it? Drop it in the mail or Contact me! It's on you I pin most of my faith... Please RETURN this traveling book of honesty, love, inspiration, and courage HOME so I can share all the entries and truly share and connect others!

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