Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today I dropped the first Project ONE Life journal off into the world.  When I last saw it, it was sitting in a packed cafe in Chicago (Filter Cafe).  With Project ONE Life, I am asking others to open up and share.  I wouldn't ask someone to do something I wouldn't do myself. So in keeping with the idea of Read, Share, Pass it On, I wrote the first entry in the book.  I placed it down, snapped a few pictures, and walked away - leaving a piece of myself for anyone to view.  I wondered if I would ever see it again. 

I am a journal maker and believer in the healing power of words so it seemed like a natural progression to extend what I do in my everyday journal to the rest of the world.  Each book is special and made 100% with LOVE.  From cutting each sheet of paper and book board, stitching the pages together, and creating a mixed media collage cover, I put every ounce of myself into each book.  I do this all in the hope that this project will bring people together and create a safe place to express themselves. 

So this is the look at the first book... and if you see it out there, put your stamp on it, take a pic, and leave it for another to find.  Read, Share, Pass It On.

The first entry for the "Today I'm feeling" Journal

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